Be Assured

Holding hands showing assurance

In this current aged care climate, there are plenty who, by virtue of their message, maybe convincing you that, all aged care facilities are in disarray and every resident is receiving substandard services and is being neglected. Whilst I absolutely acknowledge and respect their stories, I want to acknowledge the positive, and speak about the aged care I have worked in for many years.

I particularly want to allay the fears of those struggling with placing a loved one in an aged care facility, in this, the most controversial of times.

It Isnt Always Perfect

Firstly, I am not going to tell you aged care is perfect. Some facilities haven’t provided the quality of care expected by a caring and compassionate community. I am as pleased as anyone to see substandard providers being identified and held to account. However, I am concerned that, as an outcome, we are suspicious of all aged care providers. I want to reassure you that there are great providers who will lovingly care for your family member and deliver good quality care.

So you know, prior to launching Jigsaw Aged Care Solutions, I worked in aged care for many years. I consider myself like most who work in care. I enjoyed looking after older adults and only wanted the very best for them. Aged care staff know residents’ vulnerability and become very protective of them. So, you know, carers, nurses, hotel services and maintenance staff are the first to spot and report any staff member they have doubts about. They are fierce protectors of those they look after

Unrecognised Efforts

Aged care staff don’t always receive recognition for the care they routinely provide, they frequently go above and beyond the call of duty. For instance, once in care some residents don’t receive visitors. This may be due to family living interstate or a family breakdown. In such cases it’s very common for staff to adopt the role of ‘family’ and provide the comfort and support the resident needs. Staff shop for them and accompany them on outings. Sometimes they take residents home for Christmas or Easter or for a meal.

It’s very normal for me to enter a facility to find staff joining in a special celebration such as, Melbourne Cup, wearing fancy dress or see them performing for residents.

Staff laugh with the residents when the times are good. They cry when they lose a resident and feel sad and anxious when they are unwell. And sadly, mourn them when they’ve gone.


I hope this message offers reassurance and understanding that by using good assessment and selection skills, you can find a great facility that will meet your loved one’s needs and in turn, leave you feeling at peace and settled.

Finally, as previously stated, I cannot say aged care is perfect. There is a severe lack of funds. Whilst I have never been a believer of throwing money at a problem to fix it, on this occasion it would help. Additional funds in aged care would give carers and nurses more paid time to be with your loved one.

If you need help finding the right care for you or your loved ones, please don't hesistate to call me or send me a message to discuss what I can do.